We grow plants in a more and more responsible way.

A production system based on respect for the environment and the continuous monitoring and control of all processes allows us to grow healthy and controlled plants ready to be replanted in your green spaces.

Thanks to the cultivation of flowering plants and ornamental plants we contribute to keep habitat and food source for pollinating insects so important for the survival of the plants and in turn of mankind.

Producing cycles

Our eco-friendly producing cycles are recognized environmental certifications MPS (Class A) and GLOBAL GAP internationally certifying the sustainability of the plants produced in our nursery.

controlled Use

The chemical substances used are carefully chosen by always keeping in mind the objective which is:

  • To contribute to keep a healthy environment by keeping our staff safe
  • Improve the health of our plants
  • Reduce the impact on organisms and harmless insects such as pollinating insects

we improve plant health by respecting the environment

phytosanitary control

Continuous phytosanitary controls

SUSTAINABILITY with closed water cycle

Closed water cycle

SUSTAINABILITY with renewable energy

Renewable energy

use of mulching

use of mulching

Recyclable pots

Recyclable pots

How to acquire our products

what plant are you looking for?

  •  Trees
  •  Shrubs
  •  Conifers
  •  Perennials
  •  Ferns
  •  Fruit trees
  •  Grasses
  •  Palmaceous
  •  Climbing plants
    •  Roses
    •  Succulent
    •  Topiary

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