we grow quality

we grow quality

Inspired by gratitude and respect for the environment, every day.

It is thanks to the daily care we take of our plants, the choice of cutting edge yet eco-friendly growing techniques that we advance in our work.

We use our minds and our hands to select, cultivate and help grow our plants, to let design every landscaping need with innovation, transparency and above all sustainability.

We put all our know-how and the skills gained over decades of work in every plant that we grow so that the next generation of plants is stronger and flourishing for the next generation of people.

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since 1950

We were born here in Pistoia in the heart of Tuscany, the undisputed cradle of culture and beauty.

70 years ago in our lands we planted the first seeds, watered the first cultivations and looked after the first small plants with which time have grown just like our activity and all the people that animate it.

Passion for our land, will for hard work, a profound respect for nature as well as for our collaborators and our clients. These are values we cultivate with care and which guide us in our choices. Always.

Our story tells about two families, Innocenti and Mangoni that together gave birth to an important nursery reality dedicating more and more to the sustainable cultivation.

Agostino Innocenti and Marcello Mangoni were the first to grow and to take care of the plants. They then saw them sprout and turn into strong blooming trees making it easy for them to fall in love with their work.

It’s thanks to the passion that they have passed on to their children and grandchildren that the company has been able to grow and to develop in Italy and worldwide.


We use our hands to produce natural beauty.

Our work starts off from covering tiny seeds in soil and carries on until each plant finds a new home in your landscape making it unique.

We share our knowledge and experience with architects, gardeners and landscapers. We are proud to do our bit for the environment to help contribute for a greener world.

what plant are you looking for?

  •  Trees
  •  Shrubs
  •  Conifers
  •  Perennials
  •  Ferns
  •  Fruit trees
  •  Grasses
  •  Palmaceous
  •  Climbing plants
    •  Roses
    •  Succulent
    •  Topiary

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